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of purchases made via this page are a donation to SCARS in New Mexico

Thank you for ordering your copy of American Stonehenge and for helping animals in need! 30% of your purchase price today will be donated to Sierra County Animal Rescue Society in Williamsburg, New Mexico. There’s no limit to how many books you can buy, so shop away and feel great about making a difference to deserving animals all across the New Mexican Southwest. You can learn more about Sierra County Animal Rescue Society on their website

American Stonehenge is the first book in the new series The Adventures of Jimmy and Andrew. Secrets to some of our world’s most ancient and mysterious legends are revealed to our two heroes in their first epic adventure.

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Hardcopy Description

7 1/2” x 10”, Perfect bound with flaps that fold out to reveal the breathtaking panoramic cover illustration. There’s nothing like holding a real book in your hand! 33 full-page, full-color, hand-painted illustrations show a cinematic view of the major scene from each chapter. Heavyweight, coated paper helps the illustrations’ rich, vibrant colors pop off the page and immerse readers in the story. The high-quality material of the pages and the cover make this a durable volume that’s sure to last for years.

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