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Jimmy and Andrew’s first epic adventure!

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Discover the first book in a  thrilling new series about a brave young boy and his  astounding canine companion!

Two very unusual lives converge at a very usual place: an animal shelter. It’s Jimmy's ninth birthday, and he’s finally getting the dog he has longed for, but he never thought that the dog he’d find would be telepathic and more than 3,000 years old. On top of that, the dog’s first companion was the ancient Egyptian boy pharaoh, King Tutankhamun.

Jimmy's parents, both archaeologists, have just received word of an incredible find in the remote forests of northern Washington: a fully intact duplicate of Stonehenge in England. Jimmy and his new canine companion, Andrew, suddenly find themselves embroiled in an adventure that neither of them could ever have imagined. They must unravel mysteries that have baffled people for centuries, and what they discover could change the course of human history. 



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Available as an illustrated eBook and as a beautiful Perfect-bound illustrated hardcopy. 

Thoughts from Andrew!

Hear from Andrew about writing the book, his adventures with Jimmy, and answers to your questions! 

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