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We want to connect with YOU!

Jimmy and Andrew both love making new friends and connecting with readers. 


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world of Jimmy and Andrew below!

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Meet Andrew, a hero to dogs!

andrew the telepathic dog, main character in boy and dog story, middle grade hero

Shelter dogs are simply the best!

Hi there! My name’s Andrew, a 3,300-year-old dog who has been rescued countless times over the course of my long life. Most recently, I was adopted from a humane society by my best friend, Jimmy.

Animal shelters, humane societies, and rescues are doing their best to give every animal a loving home, but sometimes they just don’t have enough money or resources to make that happen. 

My motto is "Adopt Don't Shop"


As a rescued animal myself, I vowed to help make a difference!


Let’s all do our part to support local animal shelters, humane societies and rescues who help animals to find homes. 

Check out J&A’s  latest project to get my amazing story out to more people while also contributing to the wonderful services that animal shelters, humane societies, and rescues provide to animals like me. 

We've made quite a few animal friends!

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We love making new friends!

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Reading with family & friends

The heart of this story is to give families something to connect about! Whether it's reading with siblings, friends, parents, grandparents, or anyone else you love -- we are happy when you do it together!

We want to connect with YOU!

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Promoting Children's Literacy!

What started as a bedtime story became a book series!

Mike Goldstein, our author, created the stories of Jimmy and Andrew as a collaboration with his 9-year-old grandson, Zecharya. The heart of the stories is the connection between grandfather and grandson. 

Words and stories have a powerful way of connecting people and sharing so much more than history, but culture, language, spirit, tradition, and love! 

We encourage you to read this story (and others) with your loved ones and friends. The world needs connection more than ever and children need rich stories full of heart to help them navigate the world around them. 

teach with american stonehenge, homeschool friendly book for history, vocabulary, and geography

Let's get our kids reading and spend a little more time together!

writer of middle grade story american stonehenge, colorado author with his grandchildren, inpiration, about the author
author mike goldstein with his grandson zecharya, boy and dog book author, self-published middle grade writer

This is Mike with his grandchildren! 

"American Stonehenge"

An illustrated and educational middle-grade book.

A unique and innovative boy and dog story.

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