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All About The Adventures of Jimmy and Andrew!

Get ready to unwrap adventure!

Every single book that we ship out gets extra special care and attention. We package the book carefully and often include extra goodies with it as a surprise! 

Your fully illustrated story will arrive in perfect condition and glowing with its glossy finish. 

We promise you've never seen a book quite like this! The illustrations are incredible, the quality of the printing is unmatched, and the story is so full of heart. 

Each and every book is hand-packaged with the utmost care!

It started as a bedtime story and became an epic book series!!

Our beloved author, Mike, used to create bedtime stories for his grandson, Zecharya. It was brilliant 9-year-old Zecharya that helped create some of the signature quirks of the adventuring characters you'll come to love as you make your way between the pages. He contributed to Andrew’s look – the different colored eyes and eyebrows, and the black fur on his legs that makes him look like he’s wearing boots! Throughout the years the many bedtime stories and conversations between grandfather and grandson combined into the Adventures of Jimmy and Andrew. 

We hope that this story sparks the imagination of your younger self! What adventures did you want to have? What places did you want to see? Explore the possibilities for discovery and play, while learning historically accurate facts about the world around you! 

Better yet, share the adventure with a friend or child in your life! We all need more reasons to connect with one another and a family read aloud is the perfect activity for a warm summer evening.

So what are you waiting for?

Trying to decide if this book is for you (or your child)?

Here's all the information

you need:

Reading Level:

Age Level: 9 and up

Grade Level: 4 and up



Secrets to some of our world’s most ancient and mysterious legends are revealed to our two heroes in their first epic adventure.


It’s his birthday, and Jimmy gets to pick out a dog at the humane society. Jimmy has wanted a dog his whole life. But he never imagined he’d find a pet that could talk to him telepathically!


It turns out that the dog is immortal, born in Egypt more than three thousand years ago. With the ability to read both canine and human thoughts, he has roamed the earth ever since, hoping to find others of his kind. Only after he meets Jimmy does he begin to discover clues to his elusive origins.


When Jimmy rescues Andrew from the pound, the first of their many adventures begins. American Stonehenge takes Jimmy and Andrew to the remote forests of northern Washington, where they accompany the boy’s archaeologist parents on the excavation of a newly discovered site. The find – a fully intact duplicate of Stonehenge in England – is shrouded in a mystery that Jimmy and Andrew must unravel.


How did this Stonehenge come to exist? Why do so many strange things happen around it? And what’s this telepathic dog been up to for the past three millennia? These mysteries and more are waiting to be revealed in Jimmy and Andrew’s first great adventure!

About the Book:


“The plot moves quickly, and the illustrations are perfect!” – R.J.

American Stonehenge (Book One)

  • Great for independent young readers, boys and girls, ages 9-14 (4th - 9th grade).

  • Ideal for the young reader who is ready for more advanced reading, with well-developed characters and plots. 

  • The 33 full-page colored illustrations perfectly depict the major scene in every chapter and give the book a graphic novel quality, which intensifies the reading experience.

Best for kids who enjoy …

  • an action-packed and fast-paced fantasy or science fiction novel series.

  • historical fiction and fiction where all subjects being discussed are factually and historically correct, down to the smallest detail. 

  • Harry Potter, Encyclopedia Brown, The Last Kids on Earth, and Percy Jackson,

  • and also love books by top authors like J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, Brandon Sanderson, Lois Lowry and R.L. Stine.


“Along with a very enjoyable read, you also get a one heck of a history lesson.” – L.D.P


Grandparents, parents, and educators looking for...

  • An entertaining and educational novel series for upper-elementary and middle school tweens.

  • Emphasizes strong values, intellectual curiosity and relational responsibility.

  • Encourages interest in history, archaeology, anthropology and science.

  • Incorporates accurate historical record, precise descriptions of places and cultural/experiential wisdoms.

  • Emphasizes friendship, trust and curiosity in developing relationships.

"American Stonehenge"

An illustrated and educational middle-grade book.

A unique and innovative boy and dog story.

We have an international community of readers!

Where are you from?

Our book has been read and reviewed by readers across the globe! We love having a community of adventuring animal lovers all over our beautiful planet. 

Where are you located? We would simply love to know and maybe feature you on our page. Who knows, perhaps you'll be our first reader from somewhere new! 

Reach out through one of our social media pages and tell us where you're from and some interesting facts about that place that we might not know. We really like sharing stories and we'd like to share yours!

Fun Fact: All the history and geography in American Stonehenge is factually accurate

Readers Say:

"American Stonehenge is such a wonderful story, full of amazing illustrations that enhanced author's unique and descriptive writing style."
- Cherie -- @bookish_cherie
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