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Dear J&A Animal Shelter Supporters!

This is a little different from our normal newsletter.

We’ve run across a fantasy/adventure book that stars an immortal and telepathic rescue dog, and the publisher has agreed to work with us to offer the book to our supporters as a fundraiser for our shelter! 

We absolutely love this book, and it has been enthusiastically received by social media influencers worldwide. Here’s a link to their reviews so you can see just what we mean. Check out this short overview:

When a 9-year-old boy named Jimmy adopts a 3,300-year-old dog named Andrew from the local animal shelter, the first of their many adventures begins. “American Stonehenge,” the first book in the series “The Adventures of Jimmy and Andrew,” takes our two heroes to the remote forests of northern Washington for the excavation of a newly discovered archaeological site. The find – a fully intact duplicate of Stonehenge in England – is shrouded in a mystery that Jimmy and Andrew must unravel.

Parents and teachers love “American Stonehenge” because it’s a thought-provoking fantasy while also being educational. All subjects discussed in the book are historically and factually correct. Animal lovers particularly enjoy it because one learns history from a dog’s perspective!

Although it is categorized as middle grade, this is a story that will entertain people of all ages. And this beautiful, fully illustrated and eye-popping edition of the book is perfect for a family read-together, or a gift for a younger person in your family.

You can learn more about “American Stonehenge” and read the first four chapters in Print Replica on their website. If you like what you see and order a copy, 30% of the purchase price will be donated to the J&A Animal Shelter in your name. By simply clicking the links on this page, your purchase will automatically be credited to our shelter.  

We certainly appreciate the donation, but we are also sure that you will love this wonderful book as much as we do! Buy copies for your friends and their kids to help our shelter even more.

Please support our rescue by ordering this book. Click here now!

The Team
J&A Animal Shelter

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