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letter to Joe and Nick

Joe Manganiello
3:59, Inc.
Re: The J&A Project.    

9 May 2021

Dear Mr. Manganiello,

I’ve read that you and your brother are looking for interesting projects, and I think that the J&A Project will certainly interest you. You are the perfect person to play one of the key characters in my multi-book series, The Adventures of Jimmy and Andrew.  In fact, I pictured you playing this character when I was writing the first book of the series and saw you in True Blood. 

Pete Barglow is a Vietnam War veteran who lives in a distant and solitary cabin in the remote forests of northern Washington, hiding from the demons of his past. His only friends are the local Native Americans with whom he hunts; they’re bow hunters, like him. Pete sold his guns not long after arriving in the area. But he doesn’t need guns to hunt ─ or to defend himself. Pete was Special Forces and a master in hand-to-hand combat. His immense power and speed would suggest high-level training in an elite unit of the Special Forces. But if Pete ever did need a weapon, there’s always the large service knife he keeps on his belt. He’s as proficient with the knife as he is with a bow.

In the first book of the series, American Stonehenge, 9-year old Jimmy rescues Andrew, a very unusual mutt, from the pound. It turns out that the dog is more than 3,000 years old and can speak with the boy telepathically. They soon embark on their first adventure. 

When a fully intact duplicate of England’s Stonehenge is discovered in Pete’s “back yard,” Jimmy’s archaeologist parents go there to excavate the find and they take Jimmy and Andrew with them. Pete and his friends already knew about American Stonehenge, as well as the dangers of messing with it. Unable to discourage the museum from excavating the site and not wanting to see anything bad happen to the boy or to his family, Pete joins the expedition as their cook. But Pete’s much more than a cook ─ he’s a protector. Pete finds new purpose in this role. He quickly forms a special kinship with Jimmy and Andrew, and they with him. Stonehenge is the first of their many adventures together. 

Aside from Andrew, Pete becomes Jimmy’s best friend. Pete is not only ready to jump to Jimmy’s assistance at any moment, but he is also a close comrade and confidant ─ the kind of wise protector who can let a boy be a boy while making sure that he doesn’t get himself killed. Pete’s the sort of silent champion that any kid wishes they had on their side.

Pete is bound to become a beloved literary hero. And you are the actor who could bring the right level of intensity to the character on screen ─ the perfect guy to bring Pete to life!    

Attached is the illustration of Jimmy and Andrew meeting Pete Barglow.

American Stonehenge has recently come out in beautifully illustrated hardcopy. The second book, Land of Caverns, is written and is in the final stages of editing. We have been setting up the distribution for the first book and testing different advertising channels, and we’re about to launch our first publicity campaign. I probably should have waited until it’s a best selling series before contacting you, but if you are interested in working with me now, we can ensure that the publicity for the book and movie build on each other.

The Adventures of Jimmy and Andrew is a unique and outside-the-box series of stories unlike anything anyone has read before ─ for audiences aged nine to 90! 

Please check out our website at where there’s a gorgeous, Print Replica free preview of the first four chapters of American Stonehenge. If what you read and see there interests you, then I will be happy to send you the book. You can also take a look at our Facebook page; that link is on the website. 

Thank you for reading my letter, and I hope that you will find the character of Pete Barglow as right for you as I find you right for him.

Mike Goldstein

J&A Ventures, LLC


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