Press and Praise for American Stonehenge


Royal Dragonfly 2020 Awards Honorable Mention:

Honorable Mention for categories Animal/Pets, Chapter Books, and Science Fiction/Fantasy.

Purple Dragonfly 2021 Awards Winner:

1st Place for Middle Grade Fiction, 2nd Place for Animals/Pets, Honorable Mention for categories Best Illustration and Chapter Books

Recent Interviews and Live Streams

Jim Masters LIVE

We were LIVE on the Jim Masters Show! Check out the epic interview between Jim and our lovely author, Mike Goldstein here.

The Vegas Voice 

Mike appeared on The Vegas Voice Live on July 15, 2021! It was a great time and you get a lot of insights into the making of Jimmy and Andrew. Listen here

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"American Stonehenge is a real work of the storyteller's art. It's an adventure that pulled me into the marvelous world of Jimmy and Andrew. Jimmy, the young boy with his magical friend, a dog called Andrew. Ideas and scenes pour into one another from the present into history and on into the world of science fiction. All seamlessly interwoven. Artfully embroidered into the story are the perfume of indigenous wisdom, a light touch of human values, solid historical facts and hints of imaginative futures spun out of the
past. As an adventure it really keeps you on your toes as the unexpected is about to happen and you don't want to miss it. At the end of each chapter you just have to know what happens next. All in all a really great book. So more please Mike."
- Gregory F.

"I didn’t want the story to end!  Such great characters and a boy and dog who can communicate!  The beautiful pictures help move you through the story.  It’s full of intriguing twists and turns that not only hold your attention but teach you so many things along the way.  I fell in love with Jimmy and Andrew!  A MUST read for all ages!"

- Sue L.

"Jimmy and Andrew is the perfect book for children 10 and up. It's historical fiction that is well researched and extremely entertaining. It's the type of story that will make your children love to read.  There is non-stop adventure and Jimmy and Andrew's relationship is magical!   It is also a great book to read to your kids or grandkids because it's just as enjoyable for adults. Love, love, love it!!!"

- Shirley B.

"I really enjoyed how it was both entertaining yet educational, for kids and adults! I learned some new things myself, and was pulled along this wonderfully told story of a boy and his magical, ancient dog.  Oh - the artwork that accompanied the story was beautifully done. I highly recommend this for parents and children to enjoy together."

- Jefferson A.

"Reading the Jimmy and Andrew book again, I am uplifted and inspired. It is as enthralling as the first time I read it, in 2009.

What is touching me the most in this book is the loving relationship between Jimmy and Andrew, and the other characters in the book. It depicts a world I want to live in, where people are truly present for one another and they are really listening. It is only now that I realise that perhaps the fact there are no smart phones in their world contributes to deeper conversations and real adventure.

Another thing I really appreciate in this book is by learning about these special qualities that exist like thought reading, I noticed I am able to do so too, as if just knowing about this quality allows me to use it too. I am sure it is a quality that we all naturally possess but it never got acknowledged.

Finally, the whole interaction with the Marudon; their purpose to protect nature and the introduction to their advanced technology like Zadium gives hope to save this planet’s natural ressources and while I have never met an alien myself, it feels very likely that this planet has been visited by aliens in the way it has been described in the book.

If you want to open your mind and your heart and have a good time, grab a copy of the book and start the adventure."

- Annabel B.

"This book offers engaging and educational adventures for readers of all ages. The main story includes insights and adventures for young readers in the form of the main narrative, which flips between a heartwarming story about the ties between Jimmy and Andrew and the action-packed mystery that eventually features cues from ancient history. The combination of action, dialogue and heart offers several levels of engagement for readers of all interests. Older readers with an interest in history will find plenty to delight in here, and the illustrations are sure to wow anyone with an appreciation for visual storytelling. A great pick for budding readers and young adult literature fans alike!"

- Adam G.

"There's a great deal to like about this book. The premise, that a nine-year-old boy adopts a dog from a shelter and immediately finds that he and the dog can "talk" to each other telepathically, that his ability to do this is very rare, and that the dog is beyond rare, with an exciting, astonishing history and intelligence. The boy and the dog form a deep bond right away and are off on their first adventure. The plot moves quickly, and the illustrations are perfect. Jimmy and Andrew are well developed characters from the get-go, both lovable and courageous. This book is labeled as "YA" but any child would love this, starting at age 9 and going up into the teens."

- Rebecca J.

"I loved this book. the story is so interesting and my kids loved it too, fun for all ages!"

- Sheyna G.